It is also known as nasal blockage, nasal obstruction, blocked nose, runny nose, stuffy nose, or stuffed up nose. Nasal congestion can variety from a mild annoyance to a lifestyle-threatening situation. Newborns can only breathe through the nose (newborns are “obligate nose breathers”). Toddler congestion can interfere with breast feeding and trigger lifestyle-threatening respiratory distress. Mucus that stays in the nose for long periods of time can trigger sinus infections that can unfold to the ears.

Infant nasal aspirators to eliminate nasal mucus are usually of 3 types: 1) Bulb syringe 2) Battery-powered and 3) Self-suctioning. The last kind is usually regarded as the most efficient simply because, by using your own suction, the operator can effectively produce higher and more consistent suction. Self-suctioning kind aspirators are designed so that mucus is captured in a receptacle or a filter so that the operator (most often a parent) is not exposed to mucus and germs.

Nasal allergies are extremely common in kids, and seem to be obtaining more common all the time.

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What are the benefits using our nasal aspirators?
Both Nosy® or Benny® nasal aspirators are approved and recommended by paediatricians and health visitors and can be used from birth.
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