Isotonic Seawater Nasal Spray Moisturising Baby (100ml/3.52oz)

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“Great for young babies. Tried the C… one but found the spray mechanism to be hit and miss. This one is much more reliable and better value for money price wise”  For adults and children from birth.

This unique nasal spray is a sterile isotonic seawater solution, rich in marine minerals and trace elements, including Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium and Sodium.

Athomer® Moisturising Baby is 100% natural WITHOUT any colourants or propellant gases.

Its 100ml size makes it perfect for travelling, easily fits in bags and within flight limitations.

The spray bottle is designed to be used at any angle.  The nasal nozzle rotates 360 degrees for easier application. You will love this feature.

Moisturising Baby is gentle, suitable for mucusy babies and relieves cold and hay-fever symptoms too. It helps to hydrate the sensitive lining of the nose while cleaning the nasal passages. It clears nasal congestion with ease and assists in preventing respiratory infections.

All Athomer® nasal sprays make breathing easier and offer the combined benefits of sterile isotonic seawater solution and other natural remedies. They are are specially designed to cleanse, moisturise and decongest the nasal cavities thus preventing ENT infections and related respiratory alignments. Suitable for those suffering from colds, flu and chronic nasal problems, smokers and those affected by pollution/dust or air-conditioning.  This spray is an absolute winner for adults as well!

Highly recommended for pregnant women, hay-fever sufferers, mucusy infants, for people after nasal surgery and those who cannot use decongestants for prolonged periods of time.

Does not contain any colourants, gases. 100% natural and suitable for newborns and adults alike.

Instructions for Use: Assemble by placing the nozzle on top of the bottle and press firmly but carefully to stabilise the spray. Shake well before each use. We recommend 2/3 applications in each nostril up to 2/3 times per day.

•Does not contain any propellant gases or preservatives
•Does not contain any colorants. 100% natural product
•Allergen free
•Includes a dosometric spraying droplets system for better moisturization of the nasal mucosa
•Produced by the method of electrodialysis in order to maintain all the trace elements of the sea unaltered
•The seawater originates from the cleanest Greek sea
•Is available in nine forms
•Specially designed nasal nozzles friendly to all users

Interesting facts:  Seawater for Athomer® sprays is drawn from the Aegean Sea, the region of Mount Athos at a 5-mile distance from the coast and from a 10-meter depth. Every bottle is produced under innovative technology and certified manufacturing processes. Each batch undergoes physicochemical and microbiological tests. Sterilization of each batch is achieved with gamma radiation and products are available sterile in market


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