Isotonic Seawater Nasal Spray with Propolis by Athomer (150ml/5.28oz)

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A pearl on the market, honestly:-)” For adults and children over 12 months old. That is a big and handy bottle. Suitable during pregnancy!

“AWESOME” This unique nasal spray is a combination of isotonic sea water and propolis-extract

It works as magic and no allergic reaction as the pollen is extracted! Propolis is a complex resin collected by the bees to disinfect and maintain their hives. It is 100% natural.

The spray is an absolute winner! It also contains essential oils naturally and the propolis is the most efficient natural aid against mucus.

It’s gentle, suitable for cold and hay-fever symptoms, prolongs the hydration of mucus, cleans the nasal passages. In addition it heals minor injuries in noses and also mild antiseptic.

Does not contain any colourants, gases. The extractions of wax and pollen prevents allergic reactions.

Athomer® nasal sprays are specially designed to relieve nasal congestion thus preventing ENT infections and related respiratory alignments. Suitable for those suffering from colds, flu and chronic nasal problems, smokers and those affected by pollution/dust. Now in handy 150ml!

Highly recommended for pregnant women, hay-fever sufferers, infants, for people after nasal surgery and those who cannot use decongestants for prolonged periods of time.


Keeps mucus membrane hydrated
Works as a gentle antiseptic
Heals minor lesions

Again ATHOMER is a very natural product with the combined benefits of sea water and propolis. This spray is an absolute winner for all ages! It also contains essential oils naturally and the propolis is the most efficient natural aid against mucus.

Sterile isotonic seawater solution with titrated Propolis extract, for the cleansing, moisturizing, decongestion of the nasal cavities, and post-surgical nasal care. Removes the accumulated mucus, moisturizes the nasal mucosa and makes breathing easier. Propolis promotes nasal health due to its calmative, soothing and antiseptic properties. Can also be used for the preventive treatment of nasal congestion caused by environmental factors such as pollutants, dust and dry air from heat or air-conditioning.
Athomer Propolis Mini Nasal Spray is seawater from the Aegean Sea. The water is drawn from the sea region of Mount Athos at a 5-mile distance from the coast and from a 10-meter depth. Does not contain any preservatives, colorants, chemical additives or propellant gases. It is produced under innovative technology and certified manufacturing processes. It does not cause dryness, addiction or alteration of the nasal mucosa.


Sterile isotonic seawater solution with titrated Propolis extract, rich in marine minerals and trace elements, such as Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, Sodium, etc.

Instructions for Use
Place the nasal nozzle on the top of the bottle and press gently in order to stabilize the sprayer. Each spraying of the nasal nozzle is dose metered. At least 4 “sprayings” in each nostril up to 4 times per day are recommended. Preventive use: 1 to 2 “sprayings” in each nostril per day. Shake well before each use.

•Does not contain any propellant gases or preservatives
•Does not contain any colorants. 100% natural product
•Allergens free
•Includes a dosometric spraying droplets system for better moisturization of the nasal mucosa
•Produced by the method of electrodialysis in order to maintain all the trace elements of the sea unaltered
•The seawater originates from the cleanest Greek sea
•Is available in nine forms
•Specially designed nasal nozzles friendly to all users
•Each batch undergoes physicochemical and microbiological tests
•Sterilization of each batch is achieved with gamma radiation and products are available sterile in market


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