What are the benefits using our nasal aspirators?

Both Nosy® or Benny® nasal aspirators are approved and recommended by paediatricians and health visitors and can be used from birth.

They are safe, quick, effective and still gentle to your baby.

Even though saline nasal sprays do assist numerous sinus sufferers, like any product they do not assist everyone. Consequently all the advantages of a saline nasal spray are retained furthermore it has further advantages. It gives instant reduction from sinusitis and sinus allergy symptoms because it consists of potent natural anti-inflammatory, discomfort relieving and anti-histamine properties. It also offers a long phrase solution because it kills infections and desensitizes the nasal passages to allergens.
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Nobu Baby is specialised in nasal products as a distributor of Dr Benny® Electric Nasal Aspirator, Benny® and Nosy® Nasal Aspirators and the Athomer Nasal Sprays.