I would like to summarize now: numerous things affect the health of the nose. It’s simple to concentrate on the much more direct things like a nasal saline answer, but probably nothing is as important as nutrition. So if you get your nutrition right, your nose will be a lot much more healthy.

Nasal sprays assist reducing the inflammation that leads to numerous nasal symptoms like runny and itchy nose, congestion, as nicely as sneezing.

You can minimise the chances of a viral infection developing into bacterial by frequently rinsing your nasal cavity and sinuses with an isotonic seawater answer. If you decide to use our Isotonic Seawater Nasal Spray with Propolis, as nicely as rinsing and moisturising nasal passages, you will feel the all-natural antibiotic and antiviral benefit of propolis, cutting your sinus infection shorter and milder.

Nasal allergies are caused by inhaled substances. The lining of the nose reacts to these particles by swelling and growing mucous manufacturing which outcomes in a blocked, runny nose.

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Nobu Baby is specialised in nasal products as a distributor of Dr Benny® Electric Nasal Aspirator, Benny® and Nosy® Nasal Aspirators and the Athomer Nasal Sprays.

What are the benefits using our nasal aspirators?
Both Nosy® or Benny® nasal aspirators are approved and recommended by paediatricians and health visitors and can be used from birth.
They are safe, quick, effective and still gentle to your baby.

Nasal sprays are not only useful for gentle snorers. Snoring might also occur due to alter of climate, diet plan or any aspect that can set off its causes. This kind of cases can be settled via utilizing nasal sprays.