Do you know what nasal congestion is?

Nasal congestion happens when the inner lining of your nose becomes stuffy and inflamed. A more common name for nasal congestion is stuffy or runny nose. Congestion can be caused by viruses or bacterial infections, or it can be a result of allergies, hay fever or some environmental irritants.
nasal congestion aspirator

If a child with a runny nose does not have any other symptoms, it is usually enough to clear his nose when needed, especially before eating and sleeping. To do this, use a suitable (or the best) nose spray apply to each nostril, and then suction the fluid from the nose with a nasal aspirator. Suction should be done before feeding, because it can stimulate the gag reflex and cause your child to spit everything they have eaten. Another way of relieving a stuffy nose is to sit a child in a steamy bathroom or to use an air humidifier.

However, besides nasal congestion a child can develop other symptoms such as: high fever, headache, irritability, toothache etc. Consult your doctor or pediatrician straight away if your child’s symptoms are severe, as they may be a result of a more serious infection. Also, if the congestion lasts for longer than 7-10 days, contact your doctor, as chronic runny nose can have an impact on speech and hearing development.