Baby Nose Cleaner

There are lots of baby nose cleaners (or nasal aspirators) currently on the market and it is very difficult to choose when your baby needed the most.

The type of the nose cleaners:  Electric, Vacuum or Parents Powered Nasal Aspirators. Our best selling is Benny Nasal Aspirator and as per the parents – “it always works” .

Nasal aspirators clear nasal passages, thus helping babies to breathe when suffering from a stuffy nose or struggling with allergies.  Clear airways allow infants (and their carers!) to sleep more soundly and speed up recovery.  Babies can only breathe through their noses up to the age of 5  and the use of nasal aspirators help them to feed more comfortably – no need to stop for air due to a congested little nose! The variety of baby nose cleaners available ensures parents can find one that meets their needs. Nobu Baby does offer the best of the products for the entire range as we specialized on this delicate subject.

You should consider the cost of the baby nose cleaners, their suction power and the method used before making a purchase. A well-selected baby nose cleaner can make all the difference for a child trying to breathe comfortably. Every parent/carer wants the best for their baby, especially when ill.